Filipe Real Marinheiro (b.1990, Portugal)
Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.

In his work Filipe explores the constant physical mutation of space, the removal of the physical mark and degradation, thus challenging the limits of the use of the urban environment. His painting is about image and about painting in its purest form sharing an uncompromising attitude and assuming the error, the emotion and the spontaneous form that resides in the works themselves. Often revealing a sudden will or strong and unthinking desire to act.

The materials used only serve as a means of conveying the idea where each painting through bold spray paint strokes and paper collage conveys a particular change, both physical and emotive.

Although they may seem quick and gestural, in reality all the paintings were derived from deliberation, study and modification, resulting in a work where the positive and negative spaces interact with each other as the black and white presence of the canvases, leaving the viewer free to experience the emotions depicted on the canvases and project their own meaning.

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