Group show, Cada Canto Cada Conto, CabanaMad, Lisboa

Brings together artists, architects and designers - featuring works by by ana +betânia, Cosma, Catarina Croft, Marcel Dzama, Filipe Marinheiro, Carlos Mota, Marta Pombo, Emmanuelle Roule, José Sottomayor, Elisa Uberti, Kaja Upelj, Zieta - interpreting though different languages the significance of house and home.

Home has always had a multitude of meanings that go beyond the idea of a physical place. Thinking about home, not only walls, doors, windows and roofs come to mind, but also colors, faces, smells, emotions and sensations.

In English, there are two words to name the same place: house and home. House refers to a building, a physical construction, a place to inhabit. While home refers to a familiar environment, an intimacy - an emotional place, not a physical one.

Home is, first of all, the first experience of borders, it determines an interior and an exterior, that might be more or less strict. It's the place where a person starts to define themself, where they feel secure and contained. Home is therefore secure, it's an expression of itself, but is also a space of life, to inhabit solo or to learn to share.

Before being a place, a home is a space that we carry inside us. A way that lives in our hearts since immemorial times. Home is an ideal body that contains us and hosts us, manifests us and protects us. Home is a real place which we love and hate daily, suspended between protection and adventure, recognition and freedom. Home is a way of desire that sleeps in our thoughts and that lights up to the sound of a word, to the flash of a gesture.

Cada Canto Cada Conto - installation view

untitled (house), acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 150x100 cm, 2020

untitled (home), acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 146x116 cm, 2020